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Welcome to California Chiropractic Center

Welcome To California Chiropractic Center (3C) - the office of Dr. Alex Franceschi. 3C is a Wellness Center that offers Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Massage therapies. I would like to welcome all new and future patients to our two locations in SOMA and Union Square. Call us and get...

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To Schedule your Chiropractic Evaluation and/or Treatment please either Call the Office at 415.979.9577, Email us at or Select the Patient Inquiry Tab Below.

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To book your Chiropractic Evaluation and/or Treatment please either call the office at 415.979.9577 or go to our Patient Inquiry Tab. Alternatively, you can click on the "Make a Chiropractic Appointment Today" Button at the bottom of this page.

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Chiropractor San Francisco

We Specialize in:

  • Chiropractic, acupuncture and massage therapies
  • Healthy and safe alternatives for neck and low back pain
  • Headaches and overuse syndromes
  • Personal injury, automobile accidents and worker’s compensation
  • Non-pharmaceutical and non-surgical procedures

Chiropractor San Francisco

Excellent Chiropractic & Acupuncture Services in San Francisco!

“Dr. Franceschi (chiropractor at California Chiropractic Center in San Francisco) helped me cope with my terrible back, neck and hip pain. He explained things fully so that I would understand how his chiropractic techniques work. He also recommended acupuncture and a massage therapist to help fused tendons. Dr. Franceschi, really works on helping one recover, as apposed to trying to keep you reliant on ongoing chiropractor and acupuncture related services. I highly recommend California Chiropractic Center in the Mission in San Francisco…” Donnan70, San Francisco, CA

Best Chiropractor in San Francisco

“After years of trying various painkillers, anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxants to cure my back pain and stiffness, I finally decided to visit a chiropractor. Thank goodness that I found Dr. Alex at California Chiropractic Center (San Francisco). I was very nervous because I never seen chiropractors before, but he made me feel really comfortable. Dr. Alex really took the time to help me better understand the benefits of chiropractor and acupuncture treatments. Now, I actually look forward to getting adjusted, learning new stretching techniques and having more energy from maintaining my care. The atmosphere is very comfortable, the staff is always caring and sincere, and the massage therapists are by far the best in the city. They also offer acupuncture on site. I would highly recommend Dr. Alex at California Chiropractic (San Francisco) to anyone!” Cmd7733, San Francisco, CA

100% Satisfied, Great Location, Great Chiro

“I can't say enough about California Chiropractic Center in San Francisco. My last chiro was out and I hurt myself at work. I called California Chiropractic after finding out my chiropractors office had closed two days early for the July 4th weekend on July 2nd. I called California Chiropractic after 5pm hoping I can get in on the third. They were able to fit me in that day within 15 minutes even though they had other patients. I found out they work until 7pm. My current chiropractors office only stays open until 5pm. So if you are looking for chiropractors late this is the place to go. California Chiropractic Center has great location, parking in front of the building and one of the most well decorated offices that I have seen. They even have acupuncture services. Dr. Alex (Chiro) was thorough, personable and informative. I felt better immediately and he called me the next day. I would give more stars if I could, thanks for being there!” Gmarsch, San Francisco, CA

Great Wellness Center (San Francisco)

“I had pain in my left hip for several weeks that would come and go. I saw a doctor, tried stretching which was recommended by a physical therapist, but it still continued. Fortunately, I received a mailer from the California Chiropractic Center and since it was in my neighborhood in San Francisco, I called for an appointment. I had never been to a chiropractor before, so I did not know what to expect -- but Dr. Alex (the chiro) put me completely at ease. He spent a lot of time asking me questions and then explaining to me what was wrong and how he would use chiropractic techniques to treat it. I felt MUCH better after the first chiropractic visit, and after a few more adjustments, the pain I was feeling were almost completely gone. I am now in chiro "maintenance mode" and enjoy coming to my office visits - with its charming decor, relaxing atmosphere and great staff. I also had acupuncture and a massage as part of the treatment and it was the best that I’ve ever had! I highly recommend California Chiropractic Center in San Francisco to others looking for alternative treatments – chiropractor, acupuncture and/or massage…” SAStern, San Francisco, CA

Looking for Chiropractors in San Francisco? Look no Further than California Chiropractic Center!

“I first contacted Dr. Alex (chiro) because I’m an aspiring chiropractor and was looking for a chiropractor to shadow. Dr. Alex immediately took me under his wing and invited me to come in. During my visits with Dr. Alex he not only takes time out of his busy schedule to talk with me about the chiropractic profession, but he also has taken me on as a patient to give me a first hand experience of chiropractic care (free of charge)! I can’t be more pleased with the time I’ve spent at California Chiropractic Center. The office itself is in an easily accessible location right at the heart of the Mission in San Francisco. There are plenty of metered and non-metered parking in the surrounding neighborhood. Inside, the office has a modern yet homely feel to it and Sara, the warm and friendly office manager, is always waiting with a smile. Acupuncture and massages are also available. I have to admit I was a little nervous at first receiving chiropractic treatments only because I consider myself to be a healthy individual with no serious ailments. However, after just a few chiro adjustments with Dr. Alex I noticed an improvement in my overall well being and range of motion in my back. Every time I leave California Chiropractic Center I feel like I just did something good for my body. I’m lucky to have such a great chiropractor as a mentor and I look forward to seeing more of California Chiropractic Center!” Wolfman1230, San Francisco, CA

Great Chiropractor, Great Acupuncture, Great Massage (San Francisco)

“I have to admit I was quite skeptical about chiropractors but Dr. Alex (chiro) at California Chiropractic Center in San Francisco put me at ease. He took his time and answered all my questions during the case history and physical. My last chiro spent maybe 5 to 10 minutes on that all together. One of my first questions that I asked was "Can you help my chronic low back pain?” Dr. Alex simply smiled and stated, "I really hope so or I would be out of business!" He is not full of himself like other chiropractors or acupuncture providers… He is down to earth... I highly recommend Dr. Alex (chiropractor) at California Chiropractic Center in San Francisco for chiropractic care, acupuncture and/or massages...” kristenh147, San Francisco, CA

San Francisco’s Amazing Chiropractor

“I had been in a car accident earlier in the year. I was seeing a chiropractor but once I moved to San Francisco I stopped going. I quickly started to feel its negative effect but as soon as I started going to Dr. Alex (chiropractor at California Chiropractic Center) I felt the difference. I had everything from breathing problems to sleepless nights all stemming from the problems with my back. Within a few chiropractor and acupuncture visits, my symptoms became a lot better and now I am more mobile and in less pain. If I hadn’t gone to Dr. Alex at California Chiropractic Center for chiro adjustments and acupuncture, I probably would need to be on pain medication just to get through my days...” marlene07, San Francisco, CA

I Approve: Great Chiro, Acupuncture and Massage - Fair Prices

“Dr. Alex (chiro) is fantastic! California Chiropractic Center is the best chiropractor office I have experienced. The chiro care combined with acupuncture and massage is excellent… I have had one massage every week for a month… Chiro, acupuncture and massage rates are very affordable. Rather than going to a spa and paying $90-$120 on a 50 minute massage, I get a solid 60 minutes for $75. I even pre-paid for a pack of 5 which ended up costing less than that. For chiropractor, acupuncture or massage related services – California Chiropractic is a must go!” Iapprove, San Francisco, CA

Fantastic Chiropractor in San Francisco!

“I picked California Chiropractic Center because of the Reviews I read online. Great location (Mission in San Francisco), great chiropractor (Dr. Alex) and the fact it was a Wellness Center with massage and acupuncture. What also sold me is they are open late to 7 pm which very few other chiropractor, acupuncture and massage office offers. Great chiropractic and acupuncture care, I never feel rushed…” Anouy, San Francisco, CA

Chiropractor San Francisco